I don’t do perfect - I actually love to explore “mistakes.” Be it in mixed media or oils, there are journeys to be discovered. I do enjoy the silence and contemplation that goes with creating my work. The mental challenge to ‘listen’ to a piece and be open to what it needs to be. Once that voice is heard, I can explode into action and let everything go, all the preconceived ideas of what art should be. Nothing matters, it’s just me and the work. It’s the most uncomplicated relationship I have in my life. 

Even when I struggle to find the right direction, I can just let a painting sit and start something new. I am in complete control; for every mood, I could create a piece. Quite often I will paint over an old painting, enjoying the history of layers, the texture and guidance it provides. I have found that in my mixed media work I am able to express stories that need to be told. This medium gives me a clear voice to explore current events and personal issues. 

Like breathing air, I need to create. It gives me a sense of purpose and validation. This makes my own journey more gratifying and it helps me make sense of the bigger questions in life. I adore being able to express emotions in this rewarding way. There’s never a dull moment when you paint.